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Keynote Speakers

UFIDA, China
Title: Into the Cloud Enterprises

Brief Bio

Mr. Zheng Yulin graduated from the Shanghai East China Normal University, Master of Computer Application Engineering; visiting professor at Renmin University of China, Member of Academic Committee of China Computer Federation, Deputy Director of China Electronics Standardization Association of Enterprise Information Standards Committee, former General Manager of applications Software department of ChinaSoft International, CTO of CCID. He has been leader and organizer of large-scale corporate enterprise applications software development in PANSKY and Yu Bo, has a profound understanding of architecture and R&D system of management software.


Cloud Computing have gained popularity over the past few years. As a state-of-the-art IT technology, it has been changing the business model in the whole world. This speech presents the ongoing work from UFIDA Software Co., Ltd., which is a leading supplier of proprietary enterprise management/ERP software, service and solutions.
(1) Interpretation of the "management software + clouding computing" model from UFIDA;
(2) Upgrading its business model, to be the core strength of the development of Chinese clouding computing industry;
(3) Rooting in the technology, clouding computing will promote the comprehensive e informatization of Chinese enterprises;
(4) Leading continuously in the industry, cloud strategy will guide Chinese enterprises into the world.