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Keynote Speakers

Chinese Academy of Engineering / Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Title: Management: A Scientific Discipline for Humanity

Brief Bio

Professor Shoubo Xu was born in Shaoxing (a city which located at Zhengjiang province of China). He obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Power Engineering from Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1955 .Then he graduated from the Energy Institute of the Academy of Science of USSR in 1960, with an Associate Doctorate Degree of Technological Science. Now he is honored as a professor, consultant and PHD supervisor of Economics and Management school at Beijing Jiao Tong University. And he also works as the Director of China Center of Technological Economics Research, the President of Comprehensive Energy Institute, Honorary Dean of the Material Flow School at Beijing Jiaotong University, and named as Chinese Director of the Sino-Austria Innovation Research Center. At the same time, Dr Xu is also regarded as the Chairman of Professors Association in the Economics and Management department. Besides that, he was the core initiator and co-founder of the Chinese Technological Economics and Comprehensive Energy Engineering, the pioneer of our nation's Comprehensive Material Flow Engineering and the science of Managing According to Reason MR.

For more than 50 years, academician Xu has made 422 achievements in theoretical and application aspects in the three new scientific fields of TE, ETE/CEE and MFTE/CMFE. More than 50 of his achievements have received awards, including the National Science Congress Award, the National Science & Technology Progress Award and various awards from the Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Development and Reform Commission and City of Beijing, etc, he has received National Science & Technology Progress Award nine times(the first prize provincial, one time National Science & Technology Progress first prize and one time third prize , four times provincial second prize and three times third prize).


This paper proposed a new concept of management: Managing According to Reason (MR). Since "manage" means to lead, plan, organize and control, and "reason" means to understand the law of the development of objects being managed, this new concept is an integration of the two elements of "managing" and "reason". MR studies the contradictory relationship between "managing" and "reason", and considers how such a relationship changes and develops. MR is an integration of the disciplines of management, philosophy, natural science, engineering technology, and social science. We believe the MR is a comprehensive scientific discipline that will greatly benefit humanity. Since "management" cannot work without power, while "reason" relies on science, MR is an integration of power and science. Power is MR's assurance, and science is MR's basis. We believe that MR will play a major role in twenty-first century.