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Keynote Speakers

Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Title: Railway Logistics Value Extension Theory

Brief Bio

Dr. Li Xuewei, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, is professor and Ph.D. advisor of the School of Economics and Management of BJTU.
Dr. Li graduated from Central South University, where he studied Probability Theory and Mathematics Process, receiving his Ph.D. in Science in 1990. He earned his master's degree in engineering, in 1987, from Southwest Jiaotong University.
Dr. Li also holds key positions in several scientific and academic societies, including: Specialist of Prominent Contribution of the Ministry of Railways; Standing member of China Society of Soft-Science Research; Standing member of China Society of Quantitative Economics (CSQE); senior member of China Society of Railways; commissioner of China Society of Information and Economics.


According to the data from the ministry of railway, operating mileage of China high speed railway has reached more than 7000 kilometers by 2012, and the rapid development of high-speed railway promotes railway network formation and improvement. How to play the role of railway network in the logistics value extension is the core of railway transportation development in this new period; how to combine rail transportation with original production and demand network, optimize railway resource allocation, and make the railway network resource be effective, are the key of railway transportation marketing strategy in this new period. Based on the theories of logistics, supply chain, transportation, logistics planning and related theoretical forefront, treating logistics value extension theory as the center, this speech focuses on the optimization of combining production, with demand and railway transportation network, and proposes the goal for the next stage.