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Paper Submission

Paper first draft (The first draft submission guidelines.docx)

1. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the conference website: or Please click here to submit the manuscripts.

2. Completed research papers as well as work-in-progress reports are welcome.

3. Authors are required to certify that their papers are original and not considered for publication elsewhere. Simultaneous submission to any other conferences, workshops or journals is not allowed.

4. All submissions should be written in English.

5. The manuscript must be submitted in prescribed format (Download).

For more information please refer to the website ( or

Paper final draft

After the end of the paper review, we will send email to corresponding author(author of papers submitted,click ) the admission results. Authors need to modify the paper carefully according to reviewer's comments before submitting the final draft of the paper.The final version should be no more than 6 pages.The article once admitted,it will have the ISBN number of paper and CD edition papers published on the collection.

I、Paper submission Process:

1. Please format your final Camera-ready paper According to the IEEE format StyleDownload.

2. Go to IEEE PDF eXpress: to check if your PDF file is acceptable by IEEE. Details of PDF check process are enclosed.(This stage is ignored temporarily, please go to next stage directly to sumbit the  Camera-ready paper.)

3. If PDF eXpress check passed, then please submit your electronic version of your Camera-ready paper in both .PDF (make sure there is no page number on each page) and .DOC files to: IEIS's Conference Paper Submission System ( click “Paper Submission) Each paper is limited to 6 pages.(Both .PDF and .DOC files must be submitted.)

II、How to use IEEE PDF eXpress to check your paper.(This stage is ignored temporarily)
1. Please format the paper using the IEEE template we provided on the conference website
2. Go to website:
3. Create an IEEE PDF eXpress account by click “new user”, entering basic contact information; gets confirmation of account creation email.
Note: Conference ID is:  42702X
4.Check your paper:
Login in IEEE PDF eXpress website using your Account---click “create new title” and fill related information---- Upload a PDF for Checking or source file(s) for Conversion; get email confirmation of file receipt.

If WORD is submitted: you will receive the IEEE PDF eXpress-generated PDF as an attachment, and through your IEEE PDF eXpress account. Review PDF to ensure that it views on screen and prints as you intended.

Then you should submit the PDF you received to the IEEE PDF eXpress system,and you will receive the second PDF.

5. If necessary, revisions may be submitted (PDF or source); return to Step 4.

Make sure that there are no grammatical, spelling, or content errors in articles prior to submitting to PDF eXpress.

6. When you have an acceptable, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF, submit this final PDF to the conference.

III、Important issues and Suggestions:
1. IEEE PDF eXpress can only check PDF format. You can upload PDF of your paper to check directly, or use Word of your paper. IEEE PDF eXpress will convert the Word Format into PDF, and then you can reload the PDF for checking. In order to avoid unnecessary error, it's advisable to upload WORD format of your paper.
2. Never submit a revision to an existing title by clicking Create New Title. “Try again” will help you to recheck your paper. Please notice that you can check the same paper for no more than three times, if you exceed, please contact with
3. Please delete Page Header and Page Number in the WORD Format before converting it into PDF.
4. Make sure there is no Page Number in each page before you submit your full paper to LISS2017.

IV、Paper format requirements:

Our Meeting provide MSword template, please strictly follow the template layout of your own papers. If the layout format does not require, we will return the paper, and readjust the format.,Detailed requirements are as follows:
IEEE has very strict requirements for the published proceedings. Any paper typesetting fail to consistent with the accepted format will be excluded in the proceedings for it is not accessible to the system. Therefore, before submitting the final version, please check the paper to make sure it can meet the following requirements:
1. Please typeset and edit according to the paper template given by IEIS2016.  Making sure the correctness of punctuation and word spelling.
2. The final version should be no more than 6 pages. 
3. Email address and mailing address (department, instrumentality, city, country, zip code) of all authors should be provided. In plus, the author’s college or department should be embodied in the author’s unit. 
4. Marking the corresponding author with asterisk
5. Reference quoted by the text should be listed. Namely, all references in the list of bibliography must be quoted in the text, and all the quoted references should be listed. Any updating of bibliography should be synchronous with the updating of body.
6. Bibliographies of journals should include the author's last name, year, bibliography title, journal name, volume number, issue, page scope information and so on.
7. Bibliographies of books should include author's last name, name of book, press name, press address, year published and page scopes of reference parts.
8. Bibliographies of conference papers should include author's last name, title, name of meeting, meeting address, press name, host city of conference, year published and page range of paper.
9. URL link and access time should be provided if there is a trackback
10. Charts must be clear and unequivocal enough, reiterative in the chart is absolutely not. Definition of the figure should be no less than 800 dpi (1200 dpi is the best). Paying attention to the coherence of sequential numbering of formulas, figures and tables.

  • Paper Submission: 15 February, 2017
    15 April, 2017
  • Authors Notification: 1 March, 2017
    1 May, 2017
  • Final Paper Submission: b>30 March, 2017
    5 June, 2017
  • Conference Open: 24-27 July, 2017
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