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IEIS has become a series of IEEE meetings

ReleaseDate:2016-04-29 11:29:44

Beijing Jiaotong University information management theory and Technology Center for International Studies (ICIR) initiated and sponsored by the industrial economic system and industrial safety engineering (International Conference on industrial economics system and industrial security engineering, referred to as IEIS) international conference recently by IEEE (Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Expert Committee approved as the series of meetings.From 2016 began, IEIS meeting become IEEE conference series, conference proceedings will be income IEEE database and EI Compendex; in addition, some excellent papers in the academic thought and method through extended modified, recommended to SSCI/SCI or EI of the high level international academic journal.

IEEE is the world's largest non-profit professional and technical association, with nearly 175 countries around the world about 400000 members. In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, computer and control technology, management science and systems engineering, IEEE published in the literature accounts for nearly 30% of the total global high level papers. Due to its high standards and strict requirements, the international conference held by its sponsors or co - held in the world has a high degree of recognition and influence. The IEEE Conference on IEIS acceptance and academic sponsorship is fully recognized by the academic quality of IEIS meeting organizational norms and the set, to further enhance the academic authority of IEIS meeting, to expand the international influence of the International Research Center for information management theory and technology of Beijing Jiaotong University related disciplines plays a positive role in promoting.

  • Paper Submission: 15 March, 2016
    1 April, 2016
  • Authors Notification: 1 April, 2016
    15 April, 2016
  • Final Paper Submission: 1 May, 2016
    30 May, 2016
  • Conference Open: 24-27 July, 2016
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