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2014 International Conference on Industrial Economics and Industrial Security (IEIS’2014)
23-26 July, 2014, Berkeley, California, USA &Beijing, China 

Hosted by
School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University
China Center for Industrial Security Research of Beijing Jiaotong University
The International Center for Informatics Research of Beijing Jiaotong University
Cooperated with
University of California at Berkeley
University of Reading (UK)
Sponsored by
FP7 (7th Framework Programme)
NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
K. C. Wong Education Foundation (Hong Kong)


With the economic globalization, the industries in each country have been presenting new phenomena, new situations and new challenges. Thus there is a necessity for academics to conduct in-depth research on industrial organization, industrial structure, industrial development, industrial distribution, industrial policies as well as the theories of industrial security in globalization. International Conference on Industrial Economics and Industrial Security (IEIS) is initiated under such backgrounds. Focusing on strategic demands of industrial economy and of industrial security in every nation, this conference is to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners in the world to discuss the problems in industrial economics and industrial security theories and practices. It aims to provide insights in solving the problems in national economy, social development and economic security.

IEIS is jointly initiated by China Center for Industrial Security Research of Beijing Jiaotong University, International Center for Informatics Research of Beijing Jiaotong University and University of California at Berkley. IEIS 2014 will be held in Beijing China& Berkeley, California, US, from July 23 to 26, 2014. The theme of IEIS 2014 is ‘Adjustment and Optimization of Industrial Structure: An Viewpoint of Industrial Security’. The Proceeding of IEIS 2014 will be published by Springer-Verlag and will be submitted for CPCI-S (formerly ISTP) and EI Compendex Indexing. Extensions of high quality papers will be recommended for publishing in special issues of some international journals indexed by SCI/SSCI/EI Compendex.

Keynote Speakers
uProf. James M. Tien, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Miami, USA.
Jaume Valls-Pasola, management and business administration at the University of Barcelona (UB)
uProf. Philip M. Kaminsky, The Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department at the University of California, Berkeley, USA  
uProf. Keiichi Nakata, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK

Conference Subjects
The conference will inherit the current research of international academic community on the emerging fields of industrial arrangement strategies, industrial organizations, industrial policies, sectional economy, industrial competence, regional industrial structures, industrial security theories and empirical research. Through this conference, participants will share the latest research findings and practical experiences and make profound exchanges on their innovative ideas.

Special sessions on specific topics are also encouraged. Topics of interest mainly include, but not limited to:

u Industrial Economics
 Industrial Organizations
 Industrial Structures
 Industrial Strategies
 Industrial Policies 
 Agricultural Economy
 Industrial Economy
 Logistics Industry
 Service Industry
 Regional Industry
u Industrial Security
 Industrial Structure Security
 Industrial Organization Security
 Industrial Distribution Security
 Industrial Policy Security
 Early Warning of Industrial Securities
 Empirical Studies
 Methodological Studies

Meeting Venue
The meeting venue is arranged in Berkeley, California, USA and Beijing, China. In accordance with the convention of international conferences, at least one of authors must register and participate in the conference once a paper is accepted. For more information, please visit our website: or

Important Dates 
31 March, 2014          Deadline for submission of full papers
15 April, 2014             Acceptance/Rejection notification
30 April, 2014             Final Paper Submission and Registration
23-26 July, 2014          Conference Open

Paper Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the conference website: or The submitted paper and relevant information must be written in English. Full research papers as well as work-in-progress reports are welcome. Authors are required to certify that their papers are original and not published yet. Simultaneous submission to any other conference, workshop or journal is not allowed. The manuscript must be submitted in the prescribed format (Microsoft Word and PDF templates are available on the conference website). For more information please refer to our website ( or

Accepted papers, presented at the conference by one of the authors, will be published in the Proceedings of IEIS’2014. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality.
The proceedings will be published by Springer and sent to ISI-Knowledge for CPCI-S (former ISTP) indexing and Elsevier for EI Compendex indexing. In addition, revised and extended versions of selected high quality papers will be recommended to high quantity international journals indexed by SCI/SSCI/EI Compendex. 

International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning
International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics
International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering
Pakistan Journal of Statistics

Discounted rates have been arranged for the conference participants in listed hotels close to the University of California, Berkeley. Student accommodation is also available on campus. For more information please visit the conference website.

Organizing Committee
Honorary Chairman:
Academician Shoubo Xu

General Chairs:
Qiusheng Zhang(
Menggang Li (
Runtong Zhang (
Philip M.Kaminsky, Zhongliang Guan, Zuojun Max Shen

Program Chairs:
Zhenji Zhang (
Juliang Zhang (
Xianliang Shi (

Yisong Li (
Daqing Gong (
Lin Ta (

Organization Chair:
Amber Richter (Amber
Xiaochun Lu (

Local Organization Chair
Min Zhao (

Publication Chairs:
Mincong Tang (
Tao Zhang (

Finance Chairs:
Shifeng Liu (

Special Session/Workshop Chairs:

Xiaojun Jia (
Lijie Yao(

Publicity Chairs:
Yunan Zhang (
Juan Li (

Web Master:
Yue Xiang (

International Steering Committee
Yifu Lin, The Academic Board of China Center for Industrial Security Research,Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Orley Ashenfelter, University of Princeton, USA
Yushu Cao, The State Council of Western China Development Leading Group Office, China                     
Xiqing Chen, The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, China
Peiyong Gao, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Weida He, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Ran Jiao, Xinhua News Agency editorial of Economic Information, China
Bei Jin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Menggang Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Pumin Li, National Development and Reform Commission, China
Shicheng Du, Royal Institute of Technology-KTH
Wenxing Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Wei Liu, Peking University, China
Yanhua Liu, Ministry of Science and Technology, China
Xiaoqiu Wu, Renmin University of China, China
Hongjun Yu, Peking University, China
Xinli Zheng, China Central Policy Research Office, China

International Program Committee
Karim Abadir, Imperial College Business School, UK
Jason Abrevaya, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA
Rishi Amrit, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College, USA
Jalal Ali, George Washington Univ. USA
W. David       Allen, Univ Alabama, USA
Mark Armstrong, Oxford University, UK
Quanyong Bai, North China Elect Power Univ, China.
Bhavik R. Bakshi, Ohio State Univ. USA
Kash Barker, University of Oklahoma, USA
David A. Belsley, Boston College, USA
E.Wes Bethel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA
Walter E.       Block, Loyola University, USA
Barry W. Boehm, University of Southern Carlifornia, USA
Kevin Buell, Arizona State University, USA
Bob Buerger, Univ N Carolina, USA
Bo Carlsson, Case Western Reserve University, USA
R. Chandramouli, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Ha-Joon Chang, University Cambridge, UK
Dingguo Chen, Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Inc. China
Z.M. Chen, Peking University, China
B. Chen, Peking University, China
Kay-Yut Chen, Yahoo Labs, USA
G.Q.       Chen, Peking University, China
Qun Chen, Chongqing University, China
Yin-Wong Cheung, University of California,USA
Robert A. Collins, Santa Clara University, USA
Senta Fowler Chmiel, West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA
Jing Chong, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Susmita   Dasgupta, World Bank, Dev Res Grp, Washington, USA
Jianguo Du, Jiangsu University, China
Walter Enders, University of Alabama, USA
James E. Epperson, Univ Georgia, USA
Benjamin Faber, University of California ,Berkeley, USA
Jonathan Fleming, Sloan management MIT, USA
Yunjiang Geng, Dalian University of Technology, China
Mike Gorman, University of Dayton, USA
MH Gossard, Univ Oregon, USA
Kannan Govindan, University of Southern Denmark,Denmark
Campbell R. Harvey, Duke University, USA
Mohamed Hassan, American University of Sharjah, USA
Martin B.       Haugh, Columbia University, USA
Lixin HE,Fudan University, China
Chung L. Huang, Univ Georgia, USA
F. Owen        Irvine, Michigan State University, USA
Marc T. Junkunc, University of Miami, USA
John Jack Kanet, University of Dayton, USA
Georgios Karras, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Mohammed Ketel, University of Baltimore,USA
Marlene Kim, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Michael E. Kuhl, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Roberta Lamb, University of California, USA
Gregory Lewis, Oxford University, USA
Xuemei LI, Beijing Jiaotong University,China
Liwen Li, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, China
Fei-peng LI,Tianjin University, China
Jeremy Lin, PJM Interconnection, USA
Winston T. Lin, The State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
John List, University of Chicago, USA
Graham   Lord       , Princeton University, USA
Ming Lu, Fudan University, China
Rajabalinejad M, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Rongguang Ma, RenMin University of China
Wentao Ma, Xi’AN Jiaotong University, China
Lu   Ma, Guangxi Univ Sci & Technol, China
Guanfeng Mao, South-Central University, China
Victor Mbarika, Southern University and A&M College, USA
Ali   Miili, West Virginia University, USA
A.    Nagurney       , University of Massachusetts, USA
Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan, USA
Fay Cobb Payton, North Carolina State University, USA
Parag C. Pendharkar, Penn State Harrisburg,USA
Edmund S. Phelps, Columbia University, USA
Shaozhou Qi, Wuhan University, China
Oliver Rubel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA
S.Hossein Samiei, International Monetary Fund, Washington, USA
Awan Malik Shahzad K.       University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
Yupeng Shi, Central University of Finance and Economics, China    
Donghui Shi, Anhui University of Architecture, China
Fazel Shokoofeh, Montana State University-Billings, Montana, USA
Nachiappan Subramanian, Nottingham University Business School ,China
Chi-wei Su, Ocean University of China, China
Shyam Sunder, Yale School of Management, USA
Scott Schuh, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, USA
Wenhao Tan, Nanchang University, China
Charles S. Tapiero, Polytechnic University of New York, USA
Carlos Teixeira, The New School University, USA
Yu-Chung Tsao, Tatung University, Taiwan China
Luis G. Vargas, University of Pittsburgh, USA
David L. Veenstra, Univ Washington, USA
Jeff Wagner,Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
WB Walstad, Univ Nebraska, USA
Carl E.Walsh, Univ Calif Santa Cruz, USA
Junqiang Wang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Fei Wang, School of Business Sias International University, China
Cheng Wang, the Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS, China
Charles M. Weber, Portland State University, USA
R. W. Wies, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
Christopher D.       Wilen, Carleton Coll, USA
Bart J. Wilson, Chapman University, USA
Steve Winkelman, Ctr Clean Air Policy USA
GC Winston, Williams Coll, USA
Eve Wittenberg, Harvard Univ, USA
J. Woelcke, World Bank, Washington, USA
Kar-yiu Wong, The University of Washington, USA
Kesheng Wu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Li  Xu, Old Dominion University, USA
Bing Xu, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China
Lei Yang, South China University of Technology, China
Jie Yang, University of Houston-Victoria, USA
Muhamet Yildiz, Northwestern Univ, USA
Dahai You, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Jiashen You, University of California Los Angeles, USA
Ning Yu, Renmin Univ China, China
Guocai Yu, Shandong University of Technology, China
Matthew Zeidenberg, Columbia University, USA
Guofang Zhai, Nanjing Univ, China
Xuehua, Zhang, Tianjin Polytech Univ, China
J. X. Zhang, Xian Technol Univ China, China
ZhongXiang Zhang, Fudan University, China
Weixi Zhang, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China
Zhuo Zhang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
 Xia Zhao, China Agr Univ, China
Jing Zhao, Beijing Forestry Univ, China
ShengHua Zheng, Zhejiang Univ Technol, China
Yao-Dong Zhou, Beijing Jiaotong Univ, China
Zhiwen Zhu, Tianjin University, China
Shubin Zhu, Jiangxi Agr Univ, China

We appreciate that you would like to forward this CFP to those who might be interested in. For further information, please visit the website or or mail to or ieis2014@

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  • Authors Notification 2014-04-15
  • Final Paper Submission 2014-04-30
  • Conference Open 2014-07-23

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