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27 July Sessions


Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)

Room: Room 1505

SL: Service Logistics

Chair: Martin Dresner

• SS_001: Addressing the Pitfalls of Humanitarian Aids Using Commercial Logistics Resources

(Chaodong Han)

• SS_002: Service Failures and Sources to Blame in Airline Scheduled Time Competition

(Kefeng Xu)

• SS_003: Win the Buy Box: Product Characteristics and Reselling-or-Marketplace Choice

(Hao Su)

• SS_004: The Effect of a Supply Chain Officer on the Firms’ Inventory under Conditions of Global Sourcing

(John-Patrick Paraskevas)

• SS_005: The Impact of Omnichannel Operations on Firm Performance

(Xinyi (Kate) Ren)

• SS_006: SS_006: The Value of Generous Return Policies in Online Retailing

(Alan Pritchard)

• SS_007: US Airport and Airline Seasonality: An Explorative Analysis

(Li Zou)


Parallel Sessions (15:30-17:30)


Room: Room 1505

DABDM: Data Analysis and Business Decision Making

Chair: Xuedong Gao

• LISS2019_151: Decision-making for RPA-Business Alignment

(Bo Liu, Ning Zhang)

• LISS2019_150: Customer Perceived Value and Demand Preference of Cross-border

(Li Xiong, Kun Wang, Xiongyi Li, Mingming Liu)

• LISS2019_54: Variable-scale Clustering Based on the Numerical Concept Space

(Ai Wang, Xuedong Gao, Minghan Yang)

• LISS2019_46: Trends and Challenges of Data Management in Industry 4.0

(Eduardo A. Hinojosa-Palafox, José A. Hoyo-Montaño, Oscar M. Rodríguez-Elías, Jesús H. Pacheco-Ramírez)

• LISS2019_31: Government’s Role Choice in Market Regulation from an Information-disclosure Perspective

(Qinghua Li, Yisong Li, Daqing Gong)

• LISS2019_26: Mortality Prediction of ICU Patient Based on Imbalanced Data Classification Model

(Xuedong Gao, Hailan Chen, Yifan Guo)

• LISS2019_28: Improved Sweep Algorithm-based Approach for Vehicle Routing Problems with Split Delivery

(Jianing Min, Cheng Jin, Lijun Lu)


Room: Room 1511

LISS: Logistics, Informatics and Service Sciences

Chair: Dr. Jinan Fiaidhi

• LISS2019_001: Trends in Learning Analytics

(Jinan Fiaidhi)

• LISS2019_159: Intellectual Structure Detection Using Heterogeneous Data Clustering Method

(Yue Huang)

• LISS2019_155: An Improved Two-level Approach for the Collaborative Freight Delivery in Urban Areas

(Ahmed Karam, Sergey Tsiulin, Kristian Hegner Reinau, Amr Eltawil)

• LISS2019_144: Operating High-powered Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems in Multi-deep Storage

(Andreas Habl, Valentin Plapp, Johannes Fottner)

• LISS2019_101: Optimization of Urban Emergency Refuge Location Based on the Needs of Disaster Victims

(Shaoqing Geng, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang)

• LISS2019_29: The Probability Prediction of Mobile Coupons’ Offline Use Based on Copula-MC Method

(Yue Chen, Yisong Li)

• LISS2019_12: Optimizing Retraining of Multiple Recommendation Models

(Michael Peran, Dan Augenstern, Josh Price, Rahul Nahar, Pankaj Srivastava)

• LISS2019_000: Linking Online Consumer Reviews with Service Quality and Failure

(Xun Xu)

  • Paper Submission: 1 March, 2019
    15 April, 2019
  • Authors Notification: 1 April, 2019
    30 April, 2019
  • Final Paper Submission: 1 May, 2019
    15 June, 2019
  • Conference Open: 26-29 July, 2019
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