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27 July Sessions


Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)


Room: ICC-M5

IM1: Information Management 1

Chair: Haining Yang

• LISS2019_152: Feature Vector Extraction Algorithm Based on Big Data in Engineering Quality

(Fan Zhang, Yuhua Yang)

• LISS2019_141: Content-based Weibo User Interest Recognition

(Wei Wang, Sen Wu, Qingyao Zhang)

• LISS2019_117: Grid Path Planning for Mobile Robots with Improved Q-learning Algorithm

(Lingling Peng, Juntao Li)

• LISS2019_114: Key Technologies of High Speed Maglev Soft Handoff for MAC Layer

(Yi Zhang, Xu Li, Xinxiang Yin)

• LISS2019_111: Analysis and Forecast of Employee Turnover Based on Decision Tree Method

(Haining Yang, Xuedong Gao)

• LISS2019_74: Inventory Optimization of General-purpose Metal Materials Based on Inventory Time Series Data

(Tingting Zhou, Guiying Wei)


Room: ICC-M2

OT2: Others 2

Chair: Yingmin Zhang

• LISS2019_195: The Bankability of Bike-sharing

(Tanna Lai, Shiying Shi, Shengyue Hao)

• LISS2019_156: A Novel Course Recommendation Model Fusing Content-based Recommendation and K-means Clustering for Wisdom Education

(Penghui Cao, Dan Chang)

• LISS2019_38: Context-aware Aviation Auxiliary Services Recommendation Based on Clustering

(Yingmin Zhang, Wenquan Luo, Dong Wang, Tingting Chen, Jiewen Zhang)

• LISS2019_22: Inner-cluster Hop Number of SPMA-based Clustering Ad Hoc Network

(Haizhao Liu, Wenjun Huang, Wenqing Zhang)

• LISS2019_10: The Block-wise Adaptive Modulation Technique for Frequency-selective Fading Channels

(Yupeng Bao, Yanfei Lu)

• LISS2019_4: The Risk Sharing of Inter-city Railway PPP Project in China

(Yuyu Zhang, Shengyue Hao)



Parallel Sessions (15:30-17:30)


Room: ICC-M5

SM1: Service Management 1

Chair: Qinqin Xu

• LISS2019_196: Technical Efficiency Analysis of Bus Companies Based on Stochastic Frontier Analysis, and Data Envelopment Analysis

(Feras Tayeh, Shujun Ye)

• LISS2019_153: A New Performance Testing Scheme for Blockchain System

(Chongxuan Yuan, Jianming Zhu)

• LISS2019_130: Uncertain Random Programming Models for Chinese Postman Problem

(Qinqin Xu, Yuanguo Zhu, Hongyan Yan)

• LISS2019_126: The Effect of Cross-sales and Retail Competition in Omni-channel Environment

(Jian Liu, Junxia He, Shulei Sun)

• LISS2019_76: Passenger Travel Mode Decision-making Research in Transport Corridor Based on the Prospect Theory

(Yunqing Feng, Xirui Cao, Xuemei Li)

• LISS2019_57: An Empirical Test of Beijing Industry Transfer Policy

(Lu Feng, Kun Zhang, Yingmin Yu, Jia Zuo)

• LISS2019_27: High-speed Railway in Yunnan Province: The Impacts of High-speed Railway on Urban Economic Development

(Lily Hu, Yunshuo Liu, Ming Guo, Long Ye)


Room: ICC-M2

LM3: Logistics Management 3

Chair: Shanshan Gao

• LISS2019_100: Inventory Strategy of Supply Chain under Delay in Payments

(Shanshan Gao, Peng Meng)

• LISS2019_99: Site Selection and Optimization for B2C E-commerce Logistics Center

(Shuai Wang)

• LISS2019_88: Vehicle Scheduling Problem of Logistics Companies under Genetic Tabu Hybrid Algorithm

(Wei Xu, Wenli Liang, Qinqin Yu)

• LISS2019_79: Price Risk Measurement Model of Pledge Financing of Lending Institution in Natural Rubber Supply Chain Based on VaR-GARCH Method

(Xuezhong Chen, Yang Liu, Anran Chen)

• LISS2019_68: Order Batching of Intelligent Warehouse Order Picking System Based on Logistics Robots

(Ruiping Yuan, Juntao Li, Huiling Wang)

• LISS2019_67: Optimization of Transport Vehicle Path Based on Quantum Evolution Algorithm

(Xiao Zhang, Jilu Li, Jie Zhu)

• LISS2019_65: Optimization of Automated Warehouse Storage Location Assignment Problem Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

(Wenyi Zhang, Jie Zhu, Ruiping Yuan)



28 July Sessions


Parallel Sessions (08:00-09:50)


Room: ICC-M5

LM1: Logistics Management 1

Chair: Jiangxue Di  

• LISS2019_188: Pricing Strategy of Manufacturer Supply Chain Based on the Product Green Degree

(Lili Du, Yisong Li)

• LISS2019_185: Green Supply Chain Management, Competitiveness, and Conceptual Model Building

(Wenbo Ma, Junling Wang, Jing Zhou)

• LISS2019_176: Radiation Range and Carrying Capacity of Logistics Core City: the Case of Xi’an, China

(Yaqi Zhang, Dan Wei, Zhaolei Li, Yeye Yin)

• LISS2019_167: Location Selection of the Terminal Common Distribution Center of Express Delivery Enterprise

(Dongyu Cui, Tian Yuan, Xiong Lang)

• LISS2019_165: Coordination between Regional Logistics and Regional Economy in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

(Jiajie Ye, Jiangxue Di)

• LISS2019_161: Improving the Utilization Rate of Intelligent Express Cabinet Based on Policy Discussion and Revenue Analysis

(Erkang Zhou)


Room: ICC-M2

LM4: Logistics Management 4

Chair: Jia Jiang

• LISS2019_45: Crude Steel Production and Procurement Joint Decision Modeling under the National Regulation of Production and Emissions Limitation

(Jingyu Huang, Chang Lin, Yuehui Wu)

• LISS2019_41: Emergency Evacuation Model for Large Multistory Buildings with Usual Entrances and Emergency Exits

(Rong Liu, Xingyi Chen, Yuxuan Tian, Sha Wang, Zhenping Li)

• LISS2019_30: Risk Assessment of Closed-loop Supply Chain for Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Based on Fuzzy BP Neural Network

(Wei Shao, Zuqing Huang, Linjie Jiang)

• LISS2019_23: The Integration Degree of Logistics Industry and Regional Agglomeration Industry

(Jia Jiang, Tianyang Zhao)

• LISS2019_15: Task Assignment Optimization of Multi-logistics Robot Based on Improved Auction Algorithm

(Juntao Li, Kai Liu, Huiling Wang)



Parallel Sessions (10:10-12:00)


Room: ICC-M5

OT1: Others 1

Chair: Hongyu Li

• LISS2019_149: Application of Capillary Network Air Conditioning System Based on Three-constant Technology in Gymnasium

(Fan Zhang, Yuhua Yang)

• LISS2019_137: Effects of Upward and Downward Social Comparison on Productivity in Cell Production System

(Yuren Cao, Yanwen Dong, Qin Zhu)

• LISS2019_132: “Choose for no Choose” — Random-selecting Option for the Trolley Problem in Autonomous Driving

(Liang Zhao, Wenlong Li)

• LISS2019_120: Two-sided Matching Venture Capital Model Based on Synthetic Effect

(Xiaoxia Zhu)

• LISS2019_104: The Influence of Personality Traits on Organizational Identity

(Hongyu Li, Zheng Yang, Long Ye, Ming Guo)

• LISS2019_53: Evolutionary Game Analysis of Service Outsourcing Strategy for Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Servitization

(Ruize Ma, Changli Feng, Lin Jiang)

• LISS2019_51: The Influence of Government Subsidies on the Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry

(Bu Erma, Jinjing Li)



Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)


Room: ICC-M5

IM2: Information Management 2

Chair: Hao Xing

• LISS2019_124: The Application of Taxis Time-sharing Pricing under the Influence of Sharing Economy

(Fei Wang, Jing Li)

• LISS2019_102: Adaptive Routing Based on Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

(Xinxiang Yin, Wenjun Huang, Wenqing Zhang)

• LISS2019_90: Doppler Diversity for OFDM System in High-speed Maglev Train Mobile Communication

(Hancheng Ma, Ying Liu, Xu Li)

• LISS2019_86: Modeling and Analysis on the Capacity of Centralized Directional Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks

(Ying Liu, Hao Xing)

• LISS2019_73: Secure Routing Based on Trust Management in Ad-Hoc Networks

(Jia Ni, Wenjun Huang, Wenqing Zhang)

• LISS2019_71: Resource Allocation with Carrier Aggregation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

(Tingyu Yang, Yanfei Liu, Wentao Lu)

• LISS2019_52: A Data-driven Methodology for Operational Risk Analytics Using Bayesian Network

(Weiping Cui, Suxiu Li, Rongjia Song, Lei Huang)



Parallel Sessions (15:30-17:30)


Room: ICC-M5

LM2: Logistics Management 2

Chair: Xudong Wang

• LISS2019_179: Thoughts and Construction on Improving the Quality of Training Postgraduates in Different Places

(Bin Dai, Ye Chen)

• LISS2019_158: E-closed-loop Supply Chain Decision Model Considering Service Level Input

(Ying Yang, Yuan Tian)

• LISS2019_157: Robot Task Allocation Model of Robot Picking System

(Li Teng, Feng Shan)

• LISS2019_142: Distribution of the Profit in Used Mobile Phone Recovery Based on EPR

(Yufeng Zhuang, Rong Huang, Xudong Wang)

• LISS2019_121: Revenue Sharing Contracts of Risk-averse Retailers under Different Modes

(Xiaojing Liu, Wenyi Du, Xigang Yuan)

• LISS2019_107: Benefit Sharing in the Context of Default Risk Cooperation

(Haoxiong Yang, Ding Zhang, Hao Wang)

• LISS2019_103: Path Network Arrangement of "Goods-to-Man" Picking System Based on Single-guided Path Network

(Li Li, Ke Qin, Kai Liu, Zhixin Chen, JunTao Li)

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    15 April, 2019
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