Num Name Abstract Level
1 Simulation on The Public Transportation around Beijing Railway Stations Zones

The end-to-end of the publication transportation system and railway station is very important for an urban planning. This project builds simulation model to study the connection of publication transportation and railway stations in Beijing. Some bottle neck of public transportation in Beijing railway stations zones is found by means of simulation. In order to reduce the congestion, improved signal and entrance systems are recommended.

Beijing Municipal Commission of Education
2 To Build Technical Consulting Service System and Data Base for Integrating IT Application with Industrialization; With development of information technology, more and more Information Technology (IT) has been applied in industries. In order to provide technical support, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology is urgent to build a consulting service system.  This project surveyed logistics companies in Beijing, and designed consulting data base structure. Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology
3 The Evaluation on Essential Drugs Physical Distribution Ability of Wholesalers in Beijing The Chinese Food and Drug Administration is prompting the centralized purchasing and unified distribution of essential drugs. The biding winner of medicine wholesaler can get qualification for essential drugs physical distribution. This project surveyed 33 medicine wholesalers in Beijing, and determined evaluation standard. The evaluation approach was proposed as well. Beijing Food and Drug Administration

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