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1 Supply Chain Cooperation Theory and Application Based on Cooperation Games

The formation of supply chain strategy alliance and the proper allocation of revenue (cost)are very important to supply chain management. In this project, we will apply cooperative games theory and methods to formation of alliance and allocation mechanism design. These mechanisms can guarantee that the members in the alliance continue to improve efficiency, reduce cost to maximize the supply chain's profit and allocate the profit properly. We first study the fairness, incentive and efficiency of the EOQ games, ELS games and Newsboy games. Then we generalize the models considering procurement discount, demand depending promotion and price, horizon cooperation to management disruption, and asymmetric information cooperative games. We will characterize the characteristic function and solution and design rational allocation policy and computational algorithms. Then some management insights are obtained to instruct firms to manage supply chain.

National Science Foundation of China
2 The Integration and Optimal Schedule of Logistics Resources The design on the coordination  mechanism for decentralized decision  in the logistics system with network structure Key Project of National Science Foundation of China
3 The City Logistics Management

Efficient city logistics management plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy, society and environment in cities and our country. In this project, we are going to study some key problems for city logistics: city logistics demand forecast and its evolution, city logistics hub design and cooperative operation, coordinative logistics service operations based on emerging information technology(logistics resource integration and common distribution, ITS for city logistics, city express, etc.), performance evaluation and macro policy design for logistics system. We will investigate some performance mechanism and obtain managerial insights by using methods

such as experience research, statistics analysis, mathematical modeling and simulation considering society, economics and environmental efficiencies. We will test the theories and methods by studying the practical performance of logistics system in Beijing and of some important firms in Beijing and provide decision supports for the sustainable development of the logistics system in Beijing.
Big project of NSFC 

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