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1 Optimal Operations Decisions in a Supply Chain with Free Shipping Option The impact of marketing strategies on supply chain operational decisions has attracted more attentions from industry and academy. Free shipping is one of the effective marketing strategies. The empirical research show that more and more companies, especially e-business companies, become offerring free shipping to their customers who place orders exceeds a minimum quantity. The research is to present a new model and analytical framework for every partner in supply chain under free shipping, and to examine the impact of free shipping on supply chain operational management. We will investigate the equilibrium strategies for every partner in supply chain under deterministic demand, stochastic demand, or different supply chain structure using game theory, respectively, including optimal free shipping strategies, order policies and pricing strategies. We also examine the impact of free shipping on every partner's decisions and profits, and the impact on the operation efficiency of the whole supply chain and welfare. In addition, we will investigate whether free shipping can coordinate supply chain and the advantages and limits of free shipping. The results will rich the theory of supply chain operations management,help industry to understand the impact of free shipping and make right decisions, and improve the operation efficiency. National Science Foundation of China
2 Optimal Design and Operations of Supply Chain Under Low Carbon Economics This project foucses on the optimal design and operations management under low carbon economics. We mainly examine the chance to reduce the carbon emission when designing supply chain and logistics system; the optimal order and inventory under the target of reducing carbon emission;and design coordination method to encourage partners in the supply chain to cooporate together. the Ph.D. Programs Foundation of the Ministry of Education of China 
3 Analysis of City Logistics Demand and Coordination of City Logistics Operations Taking Beijing as an example, this project aims to analyse the evolution law of city logistics demand and examine the method to coordinate city logistics operations. We mainly analyse the city logistics demand; analyse the evolution law of city logistics demand; examine resource consolidation and joint distribution based on the new Information Technology. National Science Foundation of China
4 The Impact of Different Carbon Tax Policies and Tax Rate on the Social Economy of Beijing and the Countermeasure This project uses CGE model to analyse the impact of different carbon tax policies and different tax rate on the social economyof Beijing such as GDP, taxation, people living standard, carbon emission, and gives the countermeasure to alleviate its averse effect, we also conduct simulation and give some advice on policy. the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities
5 The Optimal Operations of Electric Vehicle Charging Battery Swap Station in Beijing This project mainly focuses on the optimal operations of Electric vehicle charging battery swap station in Beijing, includingthe optimal location and charging time, the quanitity of battery, the scheduling of battery. Beijing Philosophy and Social Planning Project

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