• Center achieved the “EC-China Research Network on Integrated Container Supply Chains” program (FP7)

    • The EU seventh framework program(FP7)”EC-China Research Network on Integrated Container Supply Chains” has been approved in 2013 October. The program is joint applied by Liverpool John Moores University、University of Liverpool, Beijing Jiaotonguniversity and other seven famous universities in Europe and China.
      The European Union technology framework plan is one of the largest officially research and development comprehensive plan, which is also the largest investment and richest content in global scientific and technological development plan with the purpose of integrating the various members’ scientific research strength and establishing the international research network. In order to promote the EU studying level, it focused on studying the international advanced technology and competitive technology subject. The EU seventh Framework Program (FP7, Framework Program 7) called "the seventh Framework Program for research and technological development" with the seven years plan (2007-2013) and more than 5000 billion eurostotal budget. The characteristics of the program are high level studying, wide range involving, large participation and investment.
      Professor Zhang Runtong and Zhang Juliang, as members of the Center, represented the Beijing JIaotong University research team to attend the program overall coordination meeting in the Liverpool, Britain on November 20th, 2013. It introduces the existing research results, accelerating plan, exchanges and cooperation plan of Beijing Jiaotong University information theory and technology research team.

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