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27 July Sessions


Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)


Room: ICC-M3

IE1: Industrial Economics 1

Chair: Bowen Gao

• IEIS2019_2: Income Distribution of PPP Mode in Transportation Infrastructure Construction

(Chang Liu, Xuemeng Guo, Hongchang Li)

• IEIS2019_9: Financial Agglomeration and Regional Economic Development: Double Threshold Research Based on Spillover Effect and Boundary Effect

(Jiaqi Yuan)

• IEIS2019_25: Optimization of Urban Electric Vehicle Rental Station Layout

(Bowen Gao)

• IEIS2019_67: The Measurement Model of the Matching Degree between Service Innovation Strategy and Innovation Capability of Manufacturing Enterprises and Its Application

(Qi Wu, Weicai Wang)

• IEIS2019_72: The Impact of OFDI Reverse Technology Spillover Effect on Industrial Structure Upgrading

(Yuhuan Xia, Mingyu Zhang, Zihui Song, Jing Li, Wenbing Wu)

• IEIS2019_95: Empirical Research on the Ultimate Controlling Right, Cash Flow Rights and Tax Avoidance Strategies Style

(Chengren Liu, Wei Wei)



Parallel Sessions (15:30-17:30)


Room: ICC-M3

IE2: Industrial Economics 2

Chair: Ying Guo

• IEIS2019_28: The Effect of Sci-tech Finance Investment on Innovation of TMT Industry: An Empirical Research Based Panel Date Model

(Yaoyao Zhang)

• IEIS2019_32: The Effects of Employee Stock Ownership in Chinese Listed Companies

(Feiyan Du, Yuju Li, Jiarui Chen, Yue Han, Ying Xu, Jingyi Wang)

• IEIS2019_49: The Correlation between Highway Transportation and Regional Economic Development in Inner Mongolia

(Lichen Zeng)

• IEIS2019_84: Risk Management of Investment and Financing of Urban Rail Transit PPP Project in China

(Weiqiang Wang, Xuemeng Guo, Yueming Wang, Xiaoxue Wang)

• IEIS2019_93: Energy Performance Contract Financing Mode Based on Network Joint Guarantee

(Luyao Feng, Jingjuan Guo, Ying Li)

• IEIS2019_112: Detecting of Merger Waves in China's Capital Market

(Ying Guo, Ming Xiao, Ge Li)



28 July Sessions


Parallel Sessions (08:00-09:50)


Room: ICC-M3

IE3: Industrial Economics 3

Chair: Hameeda Akhtar

• IEIS2019_6: Relationship between Industrial Competition Network and Innovation Performance of Specialized Towns in Guangdong Province

(Min Li, Qianqian Lu, Zaizhou Hu, Ziting Li)

• IEIS2019_7: Cluster Analysis of the Internet Industry Development in Different Regions of China Based on Improved K-means Algorithm

(Jian Ma, Runtong Zhang, Xiaomin Zhu)

• IEIS2019_65: The Empirical Analysis of Cultural Products Circulation Affects Cultural Industry Security in China

(Meixia Jia, Yuxiao Zuo, Menggang Li)

• IEIS2019_71: Pricing Catastrophe Bond of Agricultural Products Price Fluctuation Based on POT Model

(Lei Xu, Bingbing Wang, Qinghui Geng)

• IEIS2019_74: Determinants of Acquisition Premium: A Pre and Post Comparative Study of Pakistan and China

(Hameeda Akhtar, Faryal Arif Chistie, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah)

• IEIS2019_83: Inflation Disagreement and Its Impact on Stock Market Volatility, Unemployment Rate and Financial Soundness

(Hameeda Akhtar, Rukhsana Jabeen, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah)



Parallel Sessions (10:10-12:00)


Room: ICC-M3

IS: Industrial Security

Chair: Yun Zhao

• IEIS2019_22: Comparative Analysis on the Regulation Modes of Chinese and American Pharmaceutical Industries

(Lu Yu)

• IEIS2019_33: Cultural Risk on Overseas Merger and Acquisition of Chinese Petroleum Enterprise

(Fengxu Hu, Yongmei Cui)

• IEIS2019_69: Reverse Causality of Dividend Policy and Foreign Investment: Evidence from Pakistan

(Hameeda Akhtar, Mashal Arif Chistie, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah)

• IEIS2019_132: Interpretive Structural Modelling of Factors Influencing Enterprise Transformation

(Ming Bai, Xu Ren)

• IEIS2019_75: The Evolution of Marine Industrial Structure Based on Macro-micro Analysis

(Yun Zhao)

• IEIS2019_99: How does Urbanization Affect the Real Estate Demand?

(Jiening Meng)

• IEIS2019_121: The Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance of Chinese Technology Hardware and Equipment Listed Companies

(Dangshuai Zhang, Wenxing Li)



Parallel Sessions (10:10-12:00)


Room: ICC-M2

OT1: Others 1

Chair: Zhifeng Li

• IEIS2019_11: The Impact of China’s Structural Monetary Policy on Monetary Inflows into the Real Economy

(Tongya Yang)

• IEIS2019_19: Empowering Leadership Fosters Service Employees’ Job Crafting

(Yunshuo Liu, Lili Hu, Ming Guo, Long Ye)

• IEIS2019_34: Does the Corporate Governance Status and Its Changes Affect the Auditor's Major Misstatement Risk Judgment?

(Yuting Feng, Xuemeng Guo, Hongchang Li)

• IEIS2019_58: Board of Directors and the Remediation of Internal Control Weaknesses

(Ruyi Guo, Ping Chen)

• IEIS2019_94: China Railway Freight Price Reform Analysis: Based on Price Elasticity of Freight Demand

(Bingsong Zhang, Zhaoxia Kang)

• IEIS2019_125: The Multiple Dimensions of Food Security of China in the Context of Labor Costs Rising

(Zhifeng Li, Weida He)



Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)


Room: ICC-M2

OT2: Others 2

Chair: Lanting Yu

• IEIS2019_57: The Promoting Role of Internet on the Upgrading of Consumption Structure in Rural Areas of Shandong Province

(Xiaojuan Zhang, Yingsi Zhao, Yuting Xu)

• IEIS2019_76: Simulation on Artificial Stock Market Bubble Based on the Perspective of Investor Behavior

(Chao Zheng, Xinyu Cui)

• IEIS2019_78: Interval-valued AHP Method for Early Warning System under Uncertainty

(Lanting Yu, Menggang Li)

• IEIS2019_80: The Effect of Mentoring Relationship on Engagement of Skilled Talents

(Fengzhan Xiao, Long Ye, Ming Guo)

• IEIS2019_85: Evaluation of Value for Money for Urban Rail Transit PPP Projects

(Kai Li, Xuemeng Guo, Yufei Qin, Ruozhao Li)

• IEIS2019_92: The Performance of Enterprise M&A Under Various Types of M&A

(Lilan Zhao, Qiusheng Zhang)



Parallel Sessions (13:00-15:00)


Room: ICC-M3

OT4: Others 4

Chair: Hanlin Gao

• IEIS2019_13: How the Convergence Happens between Industries

(Hanlin Gao, Meiqing Zhang, Qilan Zhao)

• IEIS2019_23: Can Political Connection and Corporate Social Responsibility Affect the Information Disclosure Quality?

(Yuxian Jiang, Xiang Xiao, Xiaofei Chen)

• IEIS2019_81: The Self-organization Process of Logistics Industry System

(Zhihong Tian, Liangliang Chen)

• IEIS2019_82: An Evaluation Method Based on Neighbors for Node Importance in Maritime Network

(Liangliang Chen, Zhihong Tian)

• IEIS2019_89: Corporate Social Responsibility and Under-investment Based on Mediating Effect of Analyst Following

(Zhiwei Wang, Xiang Xiao)

• IEIS2019_129: Factors Influencing Sustainable Development of Real Estate

(Yang Li, Xu Ren)



Parallel Sessions (15:30-17:30)


Room: ICC-M2

OT3: Others 3

Chair: Osman Ghanem

• IEIS2019_36: The Relationship between the Human Settlement and Economic Development in Hangzhou

(Pengyan Li, Hao Peng, Sai Tang)

• IEIS2019_66: Using Factor Analysis to Evaluate the Classification Reform Result of State-owned Geological Exploration Units

(Zhimin Zhang, Xue Wang)

• IEIS2019_79: The Influence of Product Architecture and Supply Chain Concentration on Supply Chain Performance

(Caili Duan, Xiaochun Chen, Yuanxun Gu)

• IEIS2019_108: A Two-phase and Integrated Multi-objective Approach for Operating Room Schedules

(Qian Lu, Xiaomin Zhu, Runtong Zhang)

• IEIS2019_126: The Potential Effects of New High-speed Corridor towards Planning New Towns: Reflection on a Case Study

(Osman Ghanem, Khalid Mehmood Alam, Xuemei Li)

• IEIS2019_127: Risk Allocation of High-speed Rail PPP Project Based on Bank Perspective

(Xing Yang)

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    15 April, 2019
  • Authors Notification: 1 April, 2019
    30 April, 2019
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    15 June, 2019
  • Conference Open: 26-29 July, 2019
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