• 1.A study of Composition Essentials and Characteristics of External Spaces for Public Architectural Complexes in Ancient Pingyao City
  • Abstract: Public architecture spaces of ancient Pingyao have played a crucial role on local communication. This study is purposed to abstract composition essentials and representative characteristics of external spaces in them. The main aspects reviewed focus on five public architectural complexes with their external space distribution, composition essentials, spaces arrangement order, entrances allocation and the kinetonema. The conclusion are 1) the space distribution is profoundly influenced by feudal politics and etiquette culture; 2) main worship areas are in the same composition essentials and space arrangement; 3) space transition order of “from external to internal” are shared in all these public architectures, helping visitors for physiology preparation; 4) the main entrance is centralized on southern side in the traditional construction model of China; 5)subordinate entrances are seldom applied for sake of high quality privacy; and 6) kinetonemas are similar in Taoism and Confucianism architectures, but different from in Buddhism.
  • Environmental Information Science of Japan, 2009.(CINII Index)

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